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Take a video class with well known artist and teacher Joan Babcock, and learn the secrets of making beautiful micro-macrame jewelry!

Each class comes with clear printable .pdf instructions that have step by step color photos and knot diagrams. Kits in various color palettes are also available for some of the projects. A complete supply list can be viewed on the introduction page for each individual class.

The classes vary in skill level, but they all require basic knowledge of micro-macramé techniques. If you are a beginner, be sure to take the Just the Knots class before trying any of the others. Or, you can learn the basics of micro-macrame from my book, "Micro-Macramé Jewelry, Tips & Techniques for Knotting with Beads".

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Just the Knots

Recommended for beginners and anyone who needs to brush up on their skills! In this introductory class you'll learn how to make all of the essential knots from the half hitch to the square knot.

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Stella Mandala

This micro-macramé “Stella Mandala” is a symbol of beauty and harmony that will enhance any wall space or window.

Skill Level - Intermediate

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Margaretenspitze Sunflower Pendant

A Sunflower pendant in the Margaretenspitze style of macramé.

Skill Level - Intermediate

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Micro-Macrame Jewelry eClass Micro-Macrame Jewelry eClass

Macrame Lace Bracelet

In the Victorian era, delicate macrame was known as "macrame lace".

Skill Level - Intermediate

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Star Mandala Earrings

These star shaped earrings have a circular bead opening at the center reminiscent of a mandala.

Skill Level - Intermediate

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Madelyn Necklace

This elegant necklace has the lacey look of the Victorian era when fine macrame was very much in vogue.

Skill Level - Intermediate

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April Bracelet

This beginner's project is only available with a Starter Kit purchase.

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Micro-Macrame Jewelry eClass      

Fiber Bead Bracelet

Learn how to make this fun and contemporary bracelet that features a micro-macrame knotted and embellished "Fiber Bead".

Skill Level - Advanced Beginner

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Youtube videos

A collection of free videos on the Joan Babcock Designs Youtube channel.


Double Half Hitch

A short excert from our DVD on how to tie a double half hitch. To learn more you can check out our Book, DVD or Just the Knots online class!

Margaretenspitze Knots

A tutorial on how to tie the knots used in our book: Margaretenspitze Designs in Jewelry.

Margaretenspitze Bookmark

Learn Margaretenspitze by creating this fun bookmark.