Micro-Macrame Jewelry


Micro-Macrame Cord

Micro-Macrame Board

Micro-Macramé Starter Kit

Micro-Macramé Cord

This durable, colorfast 18 gauge nylon cord is the perfect size and texture for detailed micro-macramé jewelry. 58 beautiful colors to choose from.

Micro-Macramé Board

A good macrame board will make knotting easier. We offer a foam board that may be your most important tool.


Micro-Macramé Starter Kit

Our Micro-Macramé Starter Kit has everything you need to begin making micro-macramé jewelry.

The Essentials - good cord and a good board!

When I started making macrame watchbands and shell necklaces in the 1960s, I used the only cord available to me back then. It was a thick waxed cord in 4 uninspiring colors - white, black, tan, and brown.

But when I revisited my love for macrame in the late 80s - I discovered the wonders of macrame done on a fine scale, using 18 gauge nylon cord. I found this cord to be easy to work with and durable, with a lovely silky look. At first I dyed most of my cord to get the vibrant colors I wanted. But there's no need to do that anymore.

We offer a beautiful choice of cord colors that will suit a wide variety of color palettes.

In the future, we hope to add to the products we offer. If you would like to see something on our site, let us know.

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